Robo vacuum, lint roller or DELOMO Pet Hair Remover ?


Pet literally leaves hairs everywhere it goes but the paper lint roller neither robo vacuum never quite gets all of the hair up!  Using the paper lint roller and robo vacuum and realize it will snag or harm the fabric? Spent lots of money to buy a lint roller and robo vacuum but it’s useless? DELOMO PET HAIR REMOVER is able to clean the corner or gap that the robo never reaches .This roller is also great for things that are hard to wash, like throw pillows and seat cushions. It’s a game changer for furniture and cloth surface, your bed, blankets, & it is good for clothing that’s on a surface and not currently on your body. Regular lint rollers contain small pieces of sticky plastic which can harm the surface you’re cleaning, especially if it’s a delicate fabric such as silk or wool. It also is not able to be used on wet surfaces for cleaning.Using these lint rollers will tear the fabric right off your coat or your furniture. Sometimes the lint on the lint roller will stick on your fabric surface or they leave a thin layer of glue on your clothes. This pet hair remover does not snag or harm the fabrics either.

          Dust and the fur quickly stick on the lint roller and you need to buy some new sticky sheets then renew it again? Torn off the sheets with dust, realize it makes you waste lots of paper sheets? Robo vacuum cleaning on your furniture is halfway done but it’s low battery now? Reusable pet hair remover makes you can use it again without wasting paper sheets or charging batteries before using. One tree makes over 8,000 pieces of paper while approximately 1/500th of a tree is cut down for every piece of paper. The paper included in the lint roller is 30 or 40 sheets, so you will probably need to replace it every few uses again and again. Using DELOMO PET HAIR REMOVER without using paper sheets as well as you don’t need to worry about harming the environment. No more buying a ton of lint rollers and wasting those paper sheets — Eco-friendly and reusable. The hair gets trapped in the container, to clean you just open and grab out the hair from the container.It holds a decent amount of hair before needing to be emptied. After cleaning it, you can continue using it again.